Zoni Retreat

Secluded and quiet, this beach style cottage is only 3 minutes from Zoni Beach, the finest beach on Culebra, and a 10 minute drive to town. Why share a house or stay in a hotel when you can enjoy the privacy of a whole house (with open floor plan and high ceilings) on one acre to yourselves!

Zoni Breezes Upper

Quiet, peaceful, and somewhat secluded, yet only a 3 minute drive to Zoni Beach and a 10 minute drive to town, our fully-equipped 2 bedroom (new queen beds and A/C in each bedroom) second floor flat is a wonderful retreat from the hustle of typical resort settings or noisy in-town locations.

Zoni Breezes Lower

Relax in a quiet ocean view/countryside setting, with only a few houses in view. This newly constructed (2011) first floor has a fully equipped kitchen with tile counter tops. Only a 3 min drive to Zoni Beach, this lower level flat is a welcome retreat from the hustle of typical resort settings or noisy in town settings. No airplane, car or people noises here!



Culebra Island, Puerto Rico

Culebra Island, spanish for Snake Island because of its serpentine shape, is a roughly 35 square mile island, surrounded by twenty-three smaller islands, off the coast of Puerto Rico. It's known for it's beautiful beaches and gorgeous tropical atmosphere. It's a popular vacation spot for Americans and Mainland Puerto Ricans because of the natural beauty of the island and the crytsal clear tropical waters.

All of our Culebra vacation rental homes are within 3 minutes of secluded Zoni Beach, our guests often commenting that they are sometimes the only people for miles of beach.

All of the rentals are fully furnished and offer a variety of entertainment opportunities, both in the rental or on the island. Also, when renting from us, you have the option of renting one of our on-site vehicles for the duration of your stay on Culebra Island. Our vehicles are all well equipped modern SUV's that will provide you with both transportation and comfort during your stay.

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